Friday, July 25, 2014

Voting: Picking the best of the worse

I am not ashamed to tell you I have not voted in a while. As soon as I began to see things with my own eyes and to observe the bigger picture, it became evident that I was just being asked to pick the best of two of the worst people they could find.
A politician is a special breed of human. Their desire for power and control consumes them. They will do whatever it takes to gain that power and control. This desire is what leads them to be a politician.  This does not mean there are not people trying to gain a seat in political office to better the world. These few people will never make it to the big stage, however,  because they will refuse to give up the honor and integrity and do things that go against the very reason for seeking that office.

I find it interesting that we really only consider two parties in any race, especially the presidential election. It's also interesting to find that both candidates usually have a bond formed by a previous allegiance to an organization that is usually surrounded by secrecy. So secret that they themselves will tell you it's too secret to talk about. I also find it interesting that the Constitution states, "We the Republic...", yet other forms of government are considered.  This is not a democracy, nor was it ever intended to be.

My belief in politicians is about as high as my belief in in fairy-tales. Some of the things they have did, and neen prooven guilty of, would have demanded several years of your life, but they were onky slapped on the wrist with a fine that they paid for with your tax dollars. Who you work for dictates the rules in which you have to play by. When you are poor, the perks of your job are rare at best. When you are rich, the perks of your job may know no bounds.

So, if you are poor, busting your backside for those who are rich, then you cannot have any of the luxuries the rich have. If you had said luxuries you would not understand that you work for the people with luxuries you do not have. They need you to be their slave, they allow to think you are free, but every time you test that freedom they scorn you.

If you are against anything a politician from America says then you are a terrorist!  Yet our fathers held riots and boycotts over pennies. Our debt is in the trillions and we spend and our president takes more vacations in his presidency you have ever dreamed of. Wake up! He Hs did things you would be imprisoned for. Yet, you bow before him and vote he lead you in the right direction.  Who will lead you in the right direction other than Jesus Christ? No one who does not follow Jesus Christ!

America will not negotiate with terrorists... unless thise terrorists are Americans turned Muslims who hate us. Watch his father blast Islam out of his mouth with Obama smiling next to him. We are at war with everyone.  The time is now. Soon the masses will beg for a saviour. Many will fall for the blasphemy of the first,  but the last, who was the first, is, and was the truth. When trouble is at it's peak that's when Satan will deceive the world as their saviour. True Christians and Jews will know this "Saviour" is of the antichrist.  Truth will overcome lies. The truthful will be treated as the wicked, the wicked as the truthful. Prepare yourself for the evil that is sure to comem but is already here. Dine not I. The world, but in God. The world is pretty and cruel, yet God is mighty and just. His rule ensures we survive, and that evil cannot destroy what he has deemed righteous. 

Satan is jealous of what God gave man, which is forgiveness,  and is determined to deny us of it as well. Satan knew better than we knew... he was was aware of way more knowledge than man was aware of. To understand God, you must understand what he understands. Since we fell from God's grace, through sin, we cannot understand what God understands. One day, God promises he will show us his grace again, but only to those who keep his commandments.